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Production Operator - 1R09
Caledonia, MI
Williamson Employment Services, Inc. 2019-04-25
We have a GREAT opportunity with a growing company that is new to Michigan. This company is based out of Italy and has just opened a production facility in the Caledonia area that they need to staffed. So if you wanted to get in on the ground floor and have real opportunities to advance in the future - this could be the job for you!  As a production operator with this company they will train you in 5 different areas, Warehouse, Packaging Finished Products / Unpacking RM Rolls, Coating Line Operation, Slitter Operation, and Mixing Operation. Information on each area is listed below, eventually you will be shifted into one of those 5 areas to become specialized. If you want to work for a great new company for great pay, please apply for this position. Hours and days are 7:30am - 4pm Monday - Friday. Hours may vary, overtime may be required as needed.

1. Warehouse Area Tasks:
- Driving forklift (experienced);
- Loading and Unloading Raw Material and Final Product on trucks (experienced);
- Handling of Solvent Unloading;
- Handling of Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Waste;
- Usage of handheld computer for warehouse inventory movement
- Warehouse cleaning with sweeper;
- Snow plowing around the shipping docks & production doorways

2. Packaging Finished Products / Unpacking RM Rolls
- Usage of the Table Saw;
- Usage of the Core Slitter (training required)
- Usage of Strapping Tools, stretch wrapper
- Usage of the Stretch Wrapper;
- Unpacking of the Raw Material;
- Handling Non-hazardous waste
- Handling Plastic Rolls with forklift and pallet jack;
- Cleaning of the working areas (with scrubber) and production machines (rags);

3. Coating Line Operation
- Complete Training on a Coating Line handling:
- Threading, Winding and Unwinding sequences;
- Coating sequences and application;
- Basic Off-Line Quality Assurance;
- Training and In-Line Quality Control Device (Spot-Detector)
- Training on the Production-ERP System
- Complete Training on Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
- Complete Training on a Thermal Oil Heating System
- Cleaning of the working areas (with scrubber) and production machines (rags);
- Handling Non-hazardous & hazardous waste;
- Handling plastic rolls with forklift and pallet jack;

4. Slitter Operation
- Compete Training on Film Slitting Line Threading;
- Cutting & Rewinding sequence of operation;
- Production Change
- Cleaning of the working areas (with scrubber) and production machines (rags);
- Not hazardous waste handling;
- Plastic Rolls handling with forklift and pallet jack;

5. Mixing Operation
- Complete Training on Solvent and Silicone Mixing;
- Hazardous waste handling;
- Silicone Storage Warehousing with Explosion proof silicone

Experience the Williamson Difference:
*Great Benefits (Health Insurance, Vacation Pay, Referral Bonus, Weekly Pay, Verizon Discount)
*Locally owned and operated  
*Celebrating 26 years in business


$16.00 - $18.00

Walk-in application hours: 8:00am to 3:00pm, or call for an appointment.

What to bring when you apply.

3940 Broadmoor Ave, SE.
Kentwood, MI 49512
Phone: 616-575-5627
Fax: 616-575-5628
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