Maintenance Worker - N8LR1
Grand Rapids, MI
Williamson Employment Services, Inc. 2021-08-05
Apartments in Kentwood area looking for Maintenance Worker. Responsible for maintaining the entire property in safe, attractive, comfortable conditions. Also assist in other types of maintenance, when necessary. Located off the busline. Hours: 8:30am-5pm Monday through Friday *hours may vary*.

Corrective maintenance:
*Satisfies service requests per work order, following company procedures:
    Enter residents with approval at their convenience
    Make repairs
    Clean up thoroughly
    Observes condition of apartment and reports any unusual circumstances (e.g., size and number of pets)
    Leaves notice of work performed
*Assists with apartment make-ready procedures:
    Paint if applicable
    Services appliances, plumbing, electrical fixtures
    Repairs or replaces old and faulty parts
    Check locks / replace locks
    Replaces burned-out light bulbs
    Check / replace smoke detectors
Preventive maintenance:
*Makes regular inspections of grounds, buildings, plumbing, electrical fixtures, appliances, and major equipment
*Checks for appearance and cleanliness
*Checks for structural cracks and excessive wear
*Checks for faulty parts
*Makes repairs or replacements, as necessary and with approval of maintenance supervisor
Emergency maintenance:
*On call for emergency duty when assigned
*Familiar with power, water and gas turnoffs, clean-out traps, fire extinguishers and fire hydrants.
*Knows emergency telephone numbers (e.g. police, fire dept., maintenance supervisor)
*Follows all company emergency procedures
*Snow removal and salting when necessary
*Assists in maintaining inventory of tools, equipment and supplies
*Picks up trash on property
*Reports all needed repairs to maintenance supervisor
*Assists with other types of maintenance when necessary or asked
*Attends all instructional classes conducted by management

Required Skills/Qualifications:
*Full-time maintenance experience
*Good safety habits
*Some familiarity with electricity, plumbing, and carpentry
*Working knowledge of HVAC systems and various appliances
*Compatible with wide range of people


3940 Broadmoor Ave, SE.
Kentwood, MI 49512
Phone: (616) 575-5627
Fax: (616) 575-5628
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