Machining/Assembly - OHWR1
Grandville, MI
Williamson Employment Services, Inc. 2022-01-19
High Quality Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer in the Grandville area needing Machining/Assembly general labor for 2nd shift. Hours: 3:00pm-1:00am Monday-Thursday *hours may vary.

*Make new or rebuilt parts for all dies as needed.
*Read blueprints, make dimensional checks and determine necessary machining needed for builds and repairs.
*Setup and operate lathes, mills, drill press and surface grinder, ect.
*Perform welding operations as needed to repair dies holding tight tolerances.
*Hand polish die cavities to proper finish
*Completely dis-assemble, repair, lubricate and re-assemble dies.
*Use acetylene torches for heat and bending.
*Make minor repairs of die casts and trim dies.
*Make gages and replacement parts for quality department and maintenance.

Required Skills:
*Blueprint Reading
*Physically strong enough to remove die inserts with 25lbs knockout bar.
*Capable of standing by machine for up to 10 hour shift.
*Must be able to pass and obtain test and permit for Hi-lo and overhead crane.
*Repetitious bending and twisting at the waist.
*Capable of occasionally lifting up to 100lbs chest high.
*Withstand extreme temperatures over 100 to 120 degrees for extended periods of time.
*Able to wear all required PPEs including: rubber and cloth gloves, ear plugs, safety glassed and bump cap for entire shift.
*Perform tedious work such as polishing, grinding or stoning for extended periods of time.

$13.00 - $14.00

3940 Broadmoor Ave, SE.
Kentwood, MI 49512
Phone: (616) 575-5627
Fax: (616) 575-5628
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